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Brush cleansing pad


10x10 cm silicon brush cleansing pad to help clean brushes. With suction pad for added support when washing brushes.

Brush Holder


The Makeupboxldn Brush Box is 100% Acrylic and comes with a lid to keep the makeup brushes clean and dust free. You can use your Brush Box to ke...

Lipstick Holder


The Makeupboxldn lipstick holder is the perfect solution to store your lipsticks and lipgloss. The box is 6x5, so is able to hold up to 30 diffe...

Makeup Hand Palette


The makeup hand palette is 100% Acrylic, and slips easily and comfortably onto the hand. You can now put your foundations, primers, eyeliners an...

Natural deep clean brush shampoo


The natural Argan oil within this shampoo helps to breakdown any makeup and bacteria within the bristles of the makeup brushes.

It helps ...

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